This EasyEvents material is suitable as a supplement to any CS 1 Java textbook, starting only a few weeks into the semester. Students learn to do GUI programming using event-handlers such as buttons and textfields. The special library of E-objects furnished here makes their use as simple and easy as possible. The instructional material gives a quick but adequate explanation of all but the most basic Java language features, which makes it independent of the particular CS 1 textbook used. It should even be adequate by itself for most students who have completed a full CS 1 course in another programming language.

Click here to start the tutorial on E-object classes.

The downloadable zipped folder fits easily onto a floppy disk, less than 600K. If all you want is the .html files and the E-object library .java and .class files, click here for the zipped folder of only 29 files.

All of the material is accessible over the internet from my server. Individual users should feel free to study it on-line. For extended study, it would save me bandwidth if you downloaded the zipped folder and unzipped it on your own machine. As long as you put any programs that use these E-objects in the same folder as the E-object .class files, you should have no trouble compiling your programs.

If you are a teacher of CS 1, then after a few weeks or a few months of having your students use these E-object classes, you will find it highly manageable to switch your students to the use of Sun's standard javax.swing library. I believe this is the best way for students to come to a thorough understanding of the javax.swing library. They can easily remember what is the nonstandard stuff, since it all starts with E (EField, EButton, etc.).

Feel free to email me any suggestions for improvements, requests for clarifications, or appreciative notes, at

Dr. William C. Jones
Professor of Computer Science
Central Connecticut State University
October 2003

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