Central Connecticut State University

Computer Science course syllabi

Courses for majors

Course Number Course Name Topics Prerequisites Syllabus
CS 151 Computer Science I First course in Computer Science,
Java Programming
MATH 152 (co-requisite) syllabus
CS 152 Computer Science II Further topics in programming CS 151 syllabus
CS 153 Computer Science III Programming in C. Data structures. CS 152 syllabus
CS 253 Data and File Structures Data structures, algorithms CS 152 syllabus
CS 254 Assembly Language Programming MIPS assembly language. Computer architecture. CS 151 syllabus
CS 354 Digital Systems Design Analysis and design of digital circuits. CS 254, MATH 218 syllabus
CS 355 Systems Programming Design of systems software CS 254, CS 153 syllabus
CS 385 Computer Architecture Operation and architecture of modern CPUs CS 354 syllabus
CS 410 Software Engineering Specification, design, implementation,
and testing of software systems
CS 253 syllabus
CS 423 Computer Graphics 3D computer graphics; OpenGL programming CS 253 syllabus
CS 425 Image Processing Theory and algorithms of image processing CS 253 syllabus
CS 460 Database Concepts Database mangagment systems, SQL, theory CS 253 syllabus
CS 462 Artificial Intelligence Theory of AI, AI programming CS 253 syllabus
CS 463 Algorithms Common and advanced algorithms. CS 253 syllabus
CS 464 Programming Language Concepts of programming languages CS 253 syllabus
CS 483 Theory of Computation Computability, automata, grammars CS 253 syllabus
CS 490 Computer Networks Architecture, reliable transport, routing
TCP/IP, congestion control, programming
CS 253, CS 254 syllabus
CS 491 Wireless Communications Networks Wireless and mobile computing CS 253, CS 254 syllabus
CS 492 Computer Security Classical and modern encryption,
hash functions, network security
CS 253, CS 254 syllabus
CS 495 Legal, Social, Ethical Issues Privacy, security, law of torts, copyright permission of instructor syllabus